DMT and auto numbered fields in Quotes, Orders, PO's, etc

What’s the hierarchy for where the break happens when using a Combined type DMT to upload multiple Orders? (applies to other “documents too, like” Quotes, PO’s, Invoices, etc…)

Typically you provide a 0 (zero) as the field to let it auto-number. But there must be some assumptions by the DMT program as to when the next line should be a new Order, vs just another line on the order specified by the prior line. Is the new order created only when the primary keys to the header change? Like:

  • Same Company, OrderNum, CustID as previous line: Add lines to “current” order.
  • Different Company, OR OrderNum, OR CustID: Make new order.

Does the same go for OrderDtl’s:

  • Same Company, OrderNum, CustID, PartNum & Descr. as previous line: Add lines to “current” order line.
  • Different Company, OrderNum, CustID, PartNum, OR Desc : Make new order line

Like if I had something like (I’ve shortened some field names for brevity):

Does DMT make an order with 3 lines (with line 1 having 2 releases), or an order with 4 lines (line 1 & 2 for the same PartNum, 1 release each)?

Or am I totally wrong on using 0 for the OrderDtl#OrderLine and OrderRel#OrderRelNum ??