DMT to Delete CartonTrkDtl records? "Phantom Packs"

We had a user fat-finger and create over 150k cases under Phantom Pack. Normally not a biggie but with that many cases created under one PackID it crashes the client when they try to open it. I had to use SQL query to even get a count.

I’d rather not user SQL to delete them and was wondering if I could via DMT.

Tried a Ship Head DMT and it took the call for the CartonTrkDtl fields but the test delete failed.

The CartonTrkDtl to ShipHead relationship is very loose. If you don’t want to use SQL you could use a bpm on a UD table to remove them.

I added a case by hand and the UI had no issue with the data being changed. I then unchecked Phantom pack on ship head and all of them were removed.

@gpayne, normally it’ll delete when unchecking the phantom pack check box. In this case with so many, it times out.

Sorry, My point wasn’t that it deleted with the uncheck, it was that it didn’t care that I had managed the data in CartonTrkDtl.

Ah, understood.

Also, on our TEST system, I did the no-no and used a SQL query to delete the cartons for that pack slip and even unchecked the PhantomPack on ShipHead yet they were still there in Epicor so. That idea isn’t going to work.

We made an Epicor support ticket, they’re going to make a DataFix for our problem packslip.

On the bright side, my BPM to limit creating more than 100 Phantom Packs works so no longer will this occur again.