DMT UD Field Validated Event

I have two UD fields EISCode_c and EISCodeDesc_c.
When in the UI, the user can search or type and tab and the description will populated based on the code I have written in the Validated event for the field (or some other event–I forget).
The expectation, when doing a DMT, is to be able to populate the EISCode_c field and the description would be pulled in automatically, but this is not happening. Can I make this happen or do the users have to DMT the description too? I’d like to avoid that as that would defeat the purpose of having a UD table hold the codes and descriptions to prevent free-form data entry.

Did you do the autofill on a customization or a BPM?

DMT will bypass anything in the customization, it should (but doesn’t always) follow what’s in a BPM.

I did the UI.
I guess I’ll have to switch it to a BPM, then, huh?

If you want it to work all of the time. (remember the Bible of Bart, UI is for ease of use, BPM is for security, if you want it to happen no matter what, use BPM!) You should be able to trigger a notify in your UI customization so that when the BPM fires you will see it in the UI without having to save/refresh.

I’ll swap it over.

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