Download to Excel Row Limit in KInetic

The export to Excel feature in Kinetic ONLY downloads 1000 rows. I need to enable users to download a full inventory listing of 3-4000 rows.

I use a BAQ that lists inventory and then publish it to a menu options in kinetic.

How can this be done?

You can always run the BAQ export to CSV.
Or setup a rest call in an Export spreadsheet.

Larson - thansk for the reply.

I am trying to create ability for non-BAQ users, bascially just general menu following users to be able to get a full report when they want it.

How does a “Rest call” work?
I am very new to Epicor and not familiar with it.

Are you on the Epicor SaaS?
I’ll look up how to do a BAQ call from excel

We are on Kinetic Cloud. Kinetic versus 2021.2.13.

@Jbecht64 Sorry about the delay -

Select Datalink in Excel - OData feed -**9999**/api/v1/BaqSvc/[BAQ ID]

Launch the Power Query in Excel by editing the Excel query.

Here’s the link for BAQs in Excel replace the Bold with your information.
= OData.Feed(“**9999**/api/v1/BaqSvc/[BAQ ID]”, null, [Implementation=“2.0”])

Hope this helps.