Drop ship with ECM AP invoice workflow?

Is anyone processing drop shipments with ECM AP invoice workflow? I don’t see anything out of the box, but before I start down the patch of making something, I figured I would ask if I’m just not looking in the right place (which is very likely).

We do a fair amount of drop shipping, so I think it’s something that we want to be able to do.

We do not do any drop shipping.

I just starting using this! Why am I the one on the cutting edge???

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It looks like DropShipDtl is similar to RcvDtl so there will be a pattern to follow, but I don’t see any Integration DataLinks for drops.

Have you gotten the rest calls to Epicor running for your ECM? I assume you guys are better at that than me, but with @utaylor’s help I got my working. With rest and ubaqs which Utah also has you can roll your own DS integration and become an ECM legend :slight_smile:

I would make it simpler like the APv1 with it own drop location from IDC on. Find the PO number, match the subtotal and make an invoice in a Dropship DocStar AP batch.

I have it “Connected”, but haven’t messed with that other than the first test that my consultant walked me through. I’m sure I’ll have to go down that road sooner or later (looking like sooner) but I was going to try and avoid it and use the base stuff as much as possible.


I’ve just picked up an ECM project and Drop Shipping is also required. I haven’t started looking at that bit yet, but will be able to compare notes on it soon.

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It will process drop ship invoices after the drop ship processing happens. So for now I just put in a step that looks for unprocessed drop ship lines and if it finds them, the exception message says that there are unprocessed drop ship lines, so at least the user knows why there aren’t any matches and someone can go process the drop ships. Temporarily, that’s going to be good enough for now.


Good to know, thanks Brandon.

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