Dynamic Reference validation stopping PO Entry

We have parts setup (we call them “P” parts, e.g P00047) with default GL account that we use for generic purchasing. e.g. Fuel.

The GL account for some of these parts require a Dynamic Segment (GL Reference). In the GL Control for these parts we leave the GL Reference blank and fill it in while entering the transaction.

We have recently upgraded from version to 10.2.700.10.

In the previous version we were able to enter the part onto a line on the PO, then it would create a PO Release. Then we will edit the Release to the correct GL Reference. Happy days!

In the new version, we enter the part, then hit save and get an error saying GL Reference Type is mandatory. (see attached full message). This happens before the Line Release is created. This stops us being able to create these types of PO’s.

We understand if we set the GL Control up for these parts with GL References, we will not get this error.

Our preference is not to set a default up in the GL Control, but during the transaction enter the GL Control (the same method we used when on

Does anyone have any suggestion to get around this?

Setting the GL References to Optional isn’t an option.

PO Ref Type Error.txt (1.2 KB)

Just brainstorming here … What if you enter a default GL Reference in the GLC, but one that should never be used. Then have a BPM prevent saving the PO when that GL Ref is specified on a release.

Thanks Calvin
This is exactly what I have done in the end. Created a default GL Reference that end with “0000” for every GL COA Reference Type.
I have tried to setup a BPM that prevents the saving the PO with GL Ref ending with “0000”. Haven’t been able to get the BPM to prevent saving PO, just sending a message to user that default is being currently being used. Need to do some further work on the BPM to prevent PO able to be saved.