E10: Any easy way to find out who closed a sales order down

We have an issue where a sales order was closed down with much of the demand on it unfulfilled. Nobody has any idea why this has happened and there seems to be a belief that the “system shut the sales order down”.

Being diplomatic I can think of no basis as to why the system would shut down an unfulfilled sales order - I know Epicor 10 has issues with sales order not closing down when fulfilled but this is the opposite scenario.

Can anyone advise if there are any transaction/audit logs around sales orders or indeed a simple way to see who did the last transaction and when on a sales order - I’ve looked the change log screen on the sales order but it shows nothing - for any sales order.

We are running Epicor

There is a field on OrderHed called ChangedBy or similar I think from memory, not in front of a PC at the moment.

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Look at the changed by field as Mark suggested. You can also review the booking details on the lines.

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