EDM Type

Getting error code: EDM Type can not be mapped to CLR classes multiple times. The EDM type EpicorDB.ABCCode is mapped more than once.

Any ideas?

This happened sometimes when you were running the Data Model Regen tool, try regeneing again and recycling app server. What version are you on of 10?

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I actually stopped then started the App pool to see if that helps. will let you know shortly.

I saw this before if the App was running while the Regen was happening (even other app pools) it was supposed to be fixed in 10.1 though. Either way a re-gen and recycle should fix it.

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It appears that fixed it. Testing throughout the place. Thanks for the fast response! Much appreciated! Ok another note, what is the data model regen tool?

We were getting this error once a month or so after we upgrade to 10.1.400.24.

We have since updated to 10.1.400.28 and the error has not occurred since. Don’t know if that is just a coincidence.

Interesting. I’e been looking into the available upgrades for what we have now. Trying to decide if I want to just go up to 24 or go big and go to the 600. Any opinions? But either way, I think this issue will be mitigated.

This issue could still occur again until your company upgrades to the current update of 10.1.400.x. I just messaged you the workaround until your company can upgrade.

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Hi aidac ,

Can you message me the workaround too? we are having the same issue.


Hi guys,

We are having this issue in a daily and more than once , we call epicor and told us that the only permanent fix is to upgrade to the next version 10.1.400.38 but it will takes us time to doing so since we have lots of customizations. Do you guys have experience something similar?


The jump from patch 17 to patch 38 on the same major release is pretty minor. I would apply that crap over night and move on with my life… (maybe just apply it on test do a quick sanity check but it should be completely seamless)


Thanks a lot Jose.