Engineering Workbench Report

Is there any way to generate a report (BOM & Methods) on parts currently in an Engineering Workbench? We would like to have this ability to capture the changes on a report prior to the parts being checked back in. To document the changes within our Engineering Change process as a snap shot to route with the EC rather than having to look at multiple screens and tabs from within the workbench.


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I like the concept. I’m not aware of anything but I will stay tuned for other’s input. If nothing else, you could write a BAQ that looks at the ECO tables. You have ECOGroup, ECOMtl, ECOOpr, and ECORev that I believe would help you to paint the picture. Then you could create a BAQ Report based on that BAQ. Someone has to have something like this already setup if it doesn’t exist already.

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You want to look into the ECO tables. Here is a quick and dirty BAQ to get you started.
EngWBPartRevs.baq (22.9 KB)
Good luck!