Epicombo in Dashboard Tracker Not Cooperating

I’m having a hard time with an Epicombo in a Dashboard tracker. If all dropdown options are left blank, the DB returns all results as you would expect. However, if you select a choice in any drop down it returns no results and the choice isn’t saved in the dropdown menu. I can’t find a KB article addressing this exact situation and wondered if anyone has any tips. And I can’t figure out how to insert my screenshot into this post so maybe I need even more help than I thought!

@HaileyLewis Thanks for posting. Where trackers are concerned, you have to look at the properties and examine the settings for “Input Prompts Only” (which you generally want checked), and “Honor Nulls” (which you probably want unchecked). As to inserting a screenshot, that’s simply using Bill Gates’ snipping tool and copy + paste.

Hope this helps,
Matthew Morgan

Thanks Matthew for the tip! I was using Snagit and it wouldn’t sing for me. The screen shots are attached now. I believe I have the Prompts and Honor Null set properly but if you see that I don’t, let me know.