EpiCombo Simple Question

I’m sorry for the simplistic question but I can’t find an answer in any guides or other help forums so here goes: I just want a drop down list displaying all of the vendors. I’ve succesfully done that but when I select a vendor, the dashboard does not return any data for 99% of the vendors. (For some reason there are a handful that return data back). I’m assuming I set up the combo incorrectly. Can someone walk me through what I did wrong in the below?

Is this a combo in a tracker view of your dashboard? If so, there are settings to set this combo is bound to which field of your dashboard…

Can you show full set of properties of your combo?

Yes sir it sure is. See below settings: (Also a big thanks for replying):

Your combo has VendorNum as the ValueMember but you are filtering on Vendor_Name. Change the ValueMember property to Name.

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Awesome! Thanks Mike!. I’m assumign the valuemember is the same as the field name in the db?