Epicor 10 Bank Integration

I’ve been asked to integrate Epicor 10 with the bank through API, such that payment from Epicor can be automatically uploaded into Banking Portal for the next approval stage and payment.
Can someone tell me how to set it up or point to the best documentation to implement that?


I would search EpicCare for the EI or Electronic Interface programs. We do ACH in the US, but I don’t know what you upload process would be. I would probably still create an EI file and then use a baq to process that to the bank.

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As Greg mentioned electronic interface. There are a number of built in output formats or you can modify one to create your own if it doesn’t exist.
We use HSBC and they accept files via SFTP, so the EI payment process creates an XML file on the server and then I have a service that watches for new files and uploads to their site.

I would be careful about automating anything with the bank. We use EI for this, but it’s tightly controlled and run by individuals who should have access via internal controls. This way the transactions can be run and sent to the bank securely (via SFTP) after being reviewed by these individuals.