Epicor 10 printing package slip error ( Customer shipment Entry)

when trying to preview printing and taken a print out on Epicor Application from customer shipment Entry below is the error message getting :

Invalid Epicor Crystal Runtime installation . Contact your system administrator.

Please need assistance on this issue . It’s only happening on just one computer system but test print to printer work perfect . It’s only on Epicor on this computer system only .

You will need to install the Crystal Runtime from EpicWeb. This is required on all Clients if you use any Crystal Reports. If you convert this report to SSRS, then it will no longer be required (unless you still have other Crystal Reports).

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Thanks for your help Jason . I have 50- 65 users client systems running on Epicor Version 10 but they all generate customer shipment entry and take a print out from the Epicor Application without any issue while taking a print out except this particular system which Epicor was just installed .
Am thinking this a system level issue only . i will dig more on this ….

It is just that machine that needs Crystal Runtime. It sounds like the others already have it installed.

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Hi Jason ,

Please could help with the link for this crystal Runtime so that i can download it directly. I was trying to login from Epicweb but i can’t login . Many thanks for your help ! Awaiting your reply.Thank you.

You will have to have the EpicWeb account to be able to get to the download.