Epicor Bug - PO inspected and Qty Showing Passed But Part Tran Showing 0

I got an issue that PO inspected with 10 pass Qty but “Part transaction history” showing 0 in Part Tran.

PO tracker showing Pass qty in PO release line but stock not updated,No DMR.

Have any idea why this happens ?.

How can i solve this?

Does the Part Tran History show the transactions? The PUR-INS for the receipt to Inspection, and the INS-STK for the inspection to stock ?

And the part is Qty Bearing?

Some generic questions to think about when doing diagnostics of a problem like this:

  1. Has this part processed properly before, or is this the first time this transaction type is being done on it?
  2. Do other parts process properly, for similar transactions?
  3. Anything special about this Receipt, or its PO (Buy to job, Buy To Order, different Part Class, received to a different bin, etc …)

Every thing is looking fine with part like Part qty bearing option true on Part & Plant tab.
Qty showing In PUR-INS transaction properly
Normal PO for Inventory
other transaction (POs) working fine with this parts, problem only in 1 transaction.

and yes INS-STK Transaction showing in Part Tran with 0 qty

The transaction Qty is 0, or the running balance is 0? (could be both if there was zero QOH prior to the transaction)

I’m not that familiar with the inspection process, so I don’t know of any particular pitfalls to look for. I do know that during the PO Receipt, if someone only marks the PO as “Arrived”, but not “Received”, then the QOH isn’t adjusted. Anything like that on the inspection process?

And does the inspection process need to be done on the full received Qty, before any transactions are finalized? What I mean is, what happens if the PO Receipt was for 12, inspection passes 10, but doesn’t do anything on the remaining 2. Does that prevent the 10 that passed from being properly received into stock?

Can you screen shot this?

It appears the 1800 is still in inspection. Use Inspection Processing to either pass/fail the 1800.

Jason, is the inspection processing function part of the quality module? We don’t use that module but have an issue with a part that is stuck in inspection.