Quantity on hand not showing after release from Inspection

We are having few of part codes which not showing the quantity on hand after release from inspection. I’m no idea how to find the root cause. Anybody can give some advice.

Are the parts which passed inspection related to a suby job as it could of been the operation which was flagged for inspection? Although the part itself has been inspected, to get the quantity on hand after that (if it is related to a job) you will need to job receipt to inventory. If you look at the part in Part Transaction History it should tell you.

Yes. Flagged for inspection. In Part Transaction History still showing PUR-INS.
Actually, purchase orders released without cost because we only receive the stock without buy it. Our customer buy it then send to us for receiving.
Due to want to get GRN no. as our lot no (because our SOP), then we had issued those POs without key in unit price. We only want to let the quantity appear in the system.
Is it because the POs without price causes become these issues?

Do you see the transaction after that from INS-STK? If you didn’t, then chances are its still within the Inspection Processing screen. Feel free to send a snippet of the Part Transaction History over.

After do further checking, previous consultant of Epicor done some customization. Make linkage with another system which there QA will do inspection from their system.
Now, settled already. Found the solution.
Anyway, many thanks @Tomas for your help as well.