Epicor EWA Poor Web Performance


I’m hoping that some more experienced Epicor aficionado’s can provide some guidance on an issue that my company is having. The desktop client responds fairly well, but the web client takes 40+ seconds to login, and the forms within Epicor perform slowly as well. I have done some Googling trying to find information on this topic, but it seems the Performance Diag Tool is one option. It seems to be though that’s more for the desktop server/client. Anyone have any experience with web performance issues? Have any pointers on how to resolve these issues?

You talking about Epicor Web Access (EWA)?


I had the same issue and couldn’t figure it out (note- I didn’t spend a lot of time on it).

It wasn’t critical to operations, I was just trying to test it out.

Let me know if you do find out what is causing it. My initial reaction is something to do with network related routings, but I am not sure.

Is this the new Kinetic Web Forms you are refering to? Or the old Epicor EWA forms

Those forms have been deprecated they are ancient and haven’t been touched in years. They were incredibly slow because the entire screen was built on the fly in the dom using bulky XML and JavaScript 0/10 would not recommend. Wait for Kinetic.

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EWA, we have not moved to Kinetic.

Yeah I would put that monster back in its cage and walk away slowly.

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I hope that James and his company are not reliant on EWA working as a critical part of their system/success!

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It works… just… slowly :rofl:

I thought it was just something with our setup…

EWA is just not very efficient. EWA is one of the foundational reasons why we decided to go a different direction, and completely redesign the screens to run in the new UI with web native functionality in Kinetic.
The technology behind EWA is actually amazing… it is amazing because it works, and it is amazing how it works. to create an EWA Client, there is a program generator that literally converts the C# code into Javascript. Those two languages are not as similar as they would need to be, and so there is a lot of code manipulation. As a result, it sends LOTS of code over the interweb, and it is not the most efficiently written code when you convert C# to Javascript… but amazingly, it does work…
I would only use it sparingly, and instead, spend your time working towards upgrading to Kinetic.


@timshuwy is there also a replacement for EMA coming (Epicor Mobile Access)?

Yes, Develop our own Mobile App. :rofl: :laughing:

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Thank you for your reply Tim!

I’m curious if anyone is aware that a couple of the JQuery scripts being used in EWA have vulnerabilities? Additionally, the JQueryUI.js script in EWA apparently has a XSS vulnerability. This is of major concern if the site is open on the net and not the company intranet. We are pursuing EWA for offsite Union/contract employee’s that do not have company hardware, thus no direct access to our VPN. Initially this was going to be done via a publicly available site, but it seems we may have to change direction on that. I used a chrome diagnostic tool called “Lighthouse” on the EWA website and it threw quite a number of issues! Among those were design, development, and security issues. (JQuery)

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I suspect this is true for a lot of apps, the later versions of Epicor may have a slightly different versions of these libraries @Gideonn

I would recommend to (never) put EWA (or Epicor as a whole) on the WAN.


Understatement of 2022 Award Winner!


True but Epicor (CORP) Isn’t doing this any favors with their wide open cloud offering. I stand by it though, my ERP shouldn’t be on the WAN too many potential holes… also last I checked my user’s “passwords” were still mostly… Monkey1234 :face_vomiting:


Do you think that James could utilize some sort of azure virtual desktop and set up a VPN using Azure VPN gateway between the application server and the virtual desktop and then install Epicor on the virtual desktop?

I know James said that he can’t allow VPN, but maybe there is enough granularity to limit the routes over the VPN so that they can only access the Epicor resources.

Another issue James may have is the regulatory issues of using cloud and would have to pay for dedicated servers. Not sure… Just a thought.

Thank you all for the input! @utaylor That’s a great idea! Thank you!

Depending on the VPN software you can create different access groups that give access to only certain boxes or sites.
You could have a VPN that only allows access to Epicor over 443/8008 once connected to the VPN and nothing else.

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