Epicor Kinetic - Where are the company maintenance + configuration menus?


I just installed Kinetic 2021.1.9 on my pilot server and I cannot find the Company Maintenance and Company Configuration Menus.

In Epicor 10, they were located under System Setup > Company Site Maintenance. Now in Kinetic, I only see “Site Configuration” and “Site Cost Maintenance”.

Is there a different way to setup/configure sites and companies in Kinetic?


The least used screens will be the last ones moved to Kinetic. You still will use the .Net Client for the last batch of screens.


Oh! That’s a bummer, I was under the impression that 2021.1.X was fully featured.

Do you know if Epicor has list of all the missing Kinetic Screens? I just noticed that there are a bunch more screens missing. Notably:

  • User Account Security Maintenance
  • Business Activity Query
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Operation Maintenance
  • Maintenance Job Entry
  • DMR Entry
  • PO Approval

If you go to EpicWeb, click on the Kinetic UX Application Release List, it will open a spreadsheet that contains a list of each program converted and the release where they were “kineticized.”