Form/Menu Availability in Kinetic 2021.1

I thought ALL forms/menu items were going to be available in Kinetic in version 2021.1. However, I’m seeing a ton of missing menus when I login from a browser. I’m also not able to change many menu items in the classic client to “Kinetic” in the Form To Use drop-down. Here is just one example. Am I the only one experiencing this, lol? I’m thinking I must have something setup wrong. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Use the program “Kinetic Application Maintenance” for maintaining this data. it is a better place to do it. I know that the Job Entry screen is available in the new interface in 2021.1

Thanks for the reply, @timshuwy. This is Maintenance Job Entry though, not (production) Job Entry. When I go into Kinetic Application Maintenance, this menu doesn’t show anywhere. Screenshot below. Same story for many other menu items as well like Business Activity Query, Data Directive Maintenance, User Account Security Maintenance, Dashboard, and so on.

Hmm… not sure about Maintenance job entry.
BAQ & Dashboards and BPMs are NOT available yet in the new interface. There are still some technical programs that are yet to be released.

Oh ok. I didn’t know that. In all the webinars that I attended I always heard that ALL menus would be available in the new Kinetic format by 2021.1. So I thought I was doing something wrong. Do you know if there’s a master list of all menus that are NOT Kinetic-available yet? And do you know if there’s a target release for the rest of these menus? Thanks!

We have been testing Kinetic for several months now and no not all the screens are available in the Kinetic style. In fact there are probably about 30% of screens that have not been converted yet. Many of them are the less used areas. I think that they went after the highest usage screens first.

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I just downloaded the Kinetic_ChangeList Excel doc from EpicWeb yesterday and the fourth tab shows all the available screens in Kinetic.
Kinetic_ChangeList_2021.1.5.xlsx (63.9 KB)


Thanks Erin!!

Of course! Happy to help!