Epicor Server Access & Administration Console

So being new to Epicor, there are a few things that I tried doing that required I be able to get to Administration console to do regenerating data model (UD), stop/start application pool, etc. Things that I will be doing will be BAQ, BPM, Embedded Customization, Dashboards, SSRS, Auto Print Routing, etc. I was also told I will be doing some of the administration portion of Epicor as well. Being fairly new to Epicor, I don’t know what else will require I be able to log onto the application server. Can anyone that is experienced let me know what else is required so I can justify my reasons to have access to the Epicor application server? Not sure if I will need access to database for SSRS, unless I am doing views, SP, functions, etc.

My concern is that there will be evenings/nights/weekends where I am working on a project/customization and stuck because I cannot get into the server to perform some of these processes/tasks, and on a deadline. I had already encountered a few issues through the embedded education and somewhat stuck, and not getting any responses. So far I only requested access to the training environment, and it’s been quiet.

Hi Chang,
You should go through the Epicor New Install guide for the version you are planning to deploy as this will provide you with all the information required and the duties segregated between Technical and Application teams.

Basically there are 2 types of users

  1. Windows domain account having access rights in SQL Server for managing the Epicor Database and this is to be owned by the Technical Manager
  2. Epicor system manager account called Manager that is having full system rights and this is to be owned by the Application Manager

Another area to decide is the way users will login to Epicor -Windows Authentication, UsernameWindowsChannel (Epicor user account apart from Windows domain account)

There are modules within Epicor that are technical and would involve people with those sets of skills to access and configure. Epicor Administration Console is mainly accessed by technical people.

Epicor guides are very straightforward and explains in details so I suggest you start by reading these documents.


Thanks and will look at the install guide.

Just not sure what all I will need access to other then the Administration Console to do data regen and start/stop application pool with managing/working with BAQ, BPM, SSRS, Embedded Customization, etc since I am new. I was told no access to any server including train/test server. My concern is that without access, doing some of these things may hinder my ability to get any work done on a timely manner. Past experience is I don’t get response until hours to days later before anything can be done.

So just asking those with more experiences with Epicor doing similar and see what other things they do that will require access to the application/database server to help justify my reasonings to get access, at least to train/test server. Thanks again.

Another thing I recommend is to read the command line tools section. For routine processes the ui will drive you nuts versus a simple batch file. Less mistakes too for infrequent tasks

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You may need access to the server if you are doing any local customization for testing. How is your application and task agent servers set up?

I’m not sure how the application and task agent servers are all setup since that’s done by the infrastructure team. Thinking they’re all in the same box, with the database server on its own server.

I was told reason why I cannot have access to Epicor administration is that all 3 environments (train, test, pilot) showed up even if I just need access to train. Is this the case?

Yes, that’s possible to have all three environments but I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed access.

probably using the same security access identical across all environments to minimize complications but at the detriment of dev.

Classic Dev vs Infrastructure clash :slight_smile: