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Not sure how we haven’t before, but our organization came across the Epicor Users Group today. Wanted to inquire and see if any of you are members and find the cost worth it. Between the application help, EpicWeb resources, Knowledge Base articles, Epicor Learning Center, and, most importantly, this forum, there is a ton of information already out there. Is a paid group (albeit not super expensive) worth it?

Personally, left EUG long ago and helped get this forum going after the Yahoo Group dropped off.

Th EUG is the official user’s group for Epicor products and has a tight relationship with Epicor. Many folks participate and gain benefit from doing so (Insights discounts for one!) and that group is working hard to maintain its usefulness to the user community.

I will say that the support is much more “level 1” than the level 2+ support found here, but there are still good conversations to learn from and participate in.


And I’m happy you did!

I find the EUG most useful for our local group (eastern PA) that gets together every few months thanks to the efforts of a few of the members. There’s always some presentations by attendees or others, sometimes a tour of a facility, and open discussion. It’s a great way to make connections locally. I have also attended a remote meeting or two with some of the members on this forum, I think it was a Wisconsin or Minnesota EUG.


You can join your regional EUG for free, FYI. The website is kind of confusing.


Thanks for the advice everyone

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@josecgomez and @jgiese.wci did most of the work, I just offer my never ending list of suggestions.

For knowledge and help, I generally stick to this forum as the folks are a tad more responsive.
If your company sends 2+ people to Insights, however, the EUG discount pretty much pays for the membership. I believe you get around $200 off.

Yes. The EUG covers all products and the entire world. It is a standalone organization that many Users Groups used to be the past, and frankly is amazing that it still exists. HP World used to be run by Interex, The International HP Users Group. HP was invited to participate in the annual user group meeting. This all has changed as companies started their own marketing, …, er, I mean User Groups. Now, the EUG pays Epicor to be at the conference - if you wanted to know where some of the dues are going. The first EUG forum software was written by a member and was getting creaky. They moved to the current platform, but the owner of that platform sold the business to someone less attentive - at least that’s my understanding. Yeah, the EUG forum software is nowhere near as nice as what’s available nowadays with Open Source. The EUG has always had excellent access to Epicor personnel. And as mentioned, they organize most of the Regional Groups around the world (with a few run by companies that sell Epicor services). They also get discounts to Insights and used to run some nice Education programs that one would have to pay Epicor for otherwise.

The “original” Vantage email group was created in September 1995 - still in Web 1.0 world and email was how discussions happened. After a few stops, it made its way to Yahoo!Groups. It was a cantankerous group to Epicor and was known as the “Gang of ###”, which started with a low number and grew to hundreds over the years. When the managers of the Yahoo!Group moved on, Jose and Josh created this group in Discourse funded by Patrons. You may have noticed the actual Yahoo!Group Archive was imported into this group. It’s a fun read if you’re waiting for your Model Regen to finish.

EpiUsers carries on the spirit of the original group. Its access to Epicor personnel is directly tied to the creators’ pull with Epicor. So be nice to them.


Access to the information, local EUG groups and the Insights discount make it a valuable tool - well worth the money.

I personally use BOTH groups. There might be someone in one group with good answers to an issue that are not part of the other, pretty rara but does happen. The regional groups DEFINITELY provide a lot of great resources. We’re lucky to have 2 great ones locally, the Wisconsin group(largest and most active in thr country) and the Midwest group

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