Epicor Web Access versus Launching Kinetic in Browser


Does anyone know the main difference between “Epicor Web Access” and the new to 2021.2 feature called “Launching Kinetic in Browser”?

They essentially appear to be similar but I believe there are some subtle dofferences. The Help Section didn’t provide a ton of detail on the new feature.

Thank you

Pete, I didn’t think you could customize the web access pages at all, is that true?

If so, that is one huge difference.

wow… I am not sure. Maybe someone will chime in. Thanks

This is the high level answer I got from Epicor:

There is a huge difference in performance when using Kinetic in the browser verses using EWA. Kinetic in the browser is much faster.

When using EWA it only uses the classic forms and there are some limitations.
When using Kinetic in the browser, it only uses the Kinetic forms.

Epicor Web Access (EWA)
Uses a toolset to translate the old C# forms into JavaScript this is incredibly taxing, inefficient and slow.

The new Kinetic UX is a Native Angular Application re-written from the ground up to be run in the browser


Jose, do you know if you could customize the EWA forms by chance? More of a curiosity at this point for me.

Yes you can but not all C# can be converted to JS so you have to be very careful.

Alright, thanks.