ERP 9 Part Tran customization

I customized the Part Transaction history tracker but cannot find it in any of the menus in order to deploy???

Part Transaction History Tracker is found in Material Mgmt > Inventory Mgmt > General Operations

Open Menu Maint. and if you’re on-prem you can customize the form you see here. If you’re in the cloud, like me, you have to copy it and give it the same Menu ID, and then you add the customization to the added Menu ID. Then log out/back in and you’ll only see the new Menu ID you added with the customization. Check if you marked the customization as for All Companies too. I think if you didn’t mark it that way, you won’t see it in the Customization field for the new Menu ID.
Hope that helps.

It wasn’t in the Menu. I had to do a tracelog to figure out the DLL file: PartTranHistTracker.dll

Then I added it to the menu. Funny - I’ve never had to do this before and you helped me get there. Thanks.

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You’re so welcome. How exciting, I finally helped someone a little, yay! :slight_smile: