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Hello. I just started a ne job after 19 years at the last. Previous job used SAP and I liked it for the most part. The new job uses Epicor version 9.05.607B.

It seems outdated and limited to me. I will admit that it may be due to me being in my first week with it and very limited training. Basically I am playing around and training myself.

Any tips would be appreciated.
Some things I did easily in SAP that I would like to find in Epicor:
Transaction history of a part number
Current on hand delivery and min/max

Thanks in advance.

Right Click on the Part (from any screen) and Open With > Part Transaction History Tracker
For the Current on Hand, there is a report under Inventory Management to show all parts, but Part Tracker (again, right click the Part from any screen and Open With > Part Tracker) to get the details of any one part.

Yes, with the training you have (or have not) been given, you have not been given an opportunity to succeed. Epicor 9 is not better or worse than SAP (maybe a little better, but I’m biased), just a different tool.


Version 9.05.607B is indeed outdated and limited :stuck_out_tongue: (The current version is 10.2.700+ soon to be going to release 11)

But it is a great product and you’ll find a ton of help in this forum.

There is a screen called Part Transaction History which does exactly what you want. Can be accessed from the context menu of any part number field.

Cheers and welcome abord!


Thanks for the tip. Ha ha, I had no idea you could right click on a part number and see those options. I’d been going back to the home screen and finding the part tracker each time.

When I started with Epicor, I hunted around to see EVERYTHING. All screens, what they seem to do, etc and get used to the terminology.
I learned that I can right-click almost any “key” value and get more data.
I would agree with @josecgomez that Epicor just keeps getting better, but your version was still fairly robust once you have good training/support.

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Context menu exists everywhere in Epicor, Just right click and you will know. You can even add your own items there.

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I’m doing the same as far as hunting around.

What is the best way to see what has been received on a PO? I assume within PO Tracker.

You are correct. PO Tracker gives you all info related to a PO (includes transactions).

Is there a way to configure the layouts of certain actions?
For instance, when I look in parts tracker and bring up On Hand, the on hand quantity column is always far to the right. Could I set a layout that stays?

Sure drag the column to where you want it , then right click and Save layout.

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One warning on using the Right Click -> Open With …

If the value in the source field (where you right clicked) changes, the record loaded in the window that was opened (like Part Tran History) will change to match the record in the source window.

This can you throw you off if you open a window with the right click, then go back to the first window to look at something else, and then go back to the second window thinking the info is still related to the initial right click.

In the example below I 'm in Customer Tracker, and looking at the shipments. I right click in the OrderNum and use open with Order tracker. It opens that window and loads that order. I go back to the Customer tracker and select a different row, and now the Order Tracker is showing a different record. This can be handy for having the second window follow you like a lost puppy. But if you forget, it is easy to look back at the second window, and think its the first record you opened it with.


And be very careful using “Paste Insert” and “Paste Update” in grids. Things can go real wrong, real fast.

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It would make more sense to contact your CAM and see about getting some consulting hours with one of our PS folks rather than just poking around.

Lesser Known TIP:

You can actually stop this behavior by holding down Shift or Control (can’t remember which) at the time of the open with. This cancels the Pub Sub

Verified its Control


As a new user, make sure you have an epicweb account. Then checkout the documentation sections for E9. I agree 607b is old, but some of the UI basics are in the Customisation and ICE tools guides. It’s worth taking a look at some of the newer versions .702 also the documents have improved over time.

Transaction history. Try Part Transaction History Tracker…Not sure if it was in 607 though.

You didn’t mention if you were on SQL or just Progress backend. Your profile mentions SaaS MT, is that right? Surely it must be on-Prem? Happy to be corrected.

Current On hand, delivery and min/max. I would start with the Part Tracker.

Odds that a company still on E9 has kept up the maintenance? And that would be money spent on a product not supported in a looong time. The only thing it would get you is the right to upgrade to the current version.

And what does maintenance cost? About 10% of your full package price, per year? If you’re going to go more than ten years without upgrading, what’s the point of paying for maintenance on an unsupported product?

Good point … So if you’re maintenance is up to date, then you should be able to get an Epic web account . :grin:

So this gets better. I am working from home today because of icy roads.
I need to find ways to keep busy but do not have resources to direct me.

I want to bring up a list of open PO’s that are past due or near past due. Anyone know how to run this report?

Sounds like a Purchasing thing.

Purchasing functions & reports are under Purchase Mngmnt, which is under Materials Mngmnt. Look in the Reports folder.

All your queries can be answered by the help within Epicor. Click on help and it has various sections, which can also be searched.

Definitely THIS! use EpicWeb and look at user guides.