Error Message

Just curious if anyone else has seen this error message.

If so, how do I fix this?

Edit: Have to have the MultiCurrencyManagement module licensed.

Menu Maintenance
Does the user have rights?

You might not be allowed to see that. It is done at Menu Maintenance. Talk to whoever is the admin at your company.

This error is given to me, and I have all permissions I can find to select. And in Menu Maintenance, I can’t find this MenuID.

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Using the Ice.Menu table.

That Menu Location is:

Main Menu->Financial Management->Currency Management->Setup->Currency Master

Do you see that option?

And just realized, we don’t have the currency module. This issue stems from a much larger issue of Exporting Price List. When I export all the numbers are rounded up instead of our up to 4 decimal places. So, will not having the currency module make the Price List exporting not work properly?

Also, my currency master is under Accounts Payable–>Setup