Error when opening Design SSRS Report

Running 10.1.400.19 and am getitng this error when trying to create an report:

Server Error in ‘/Reports’ Application.
The resource cannot be found.
Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /Reports/ReportBuilder/ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application

Try to open Report Builder from your workstation first and let’s see if it works.

I can open Report Builder from my work station, as I have it downloaded to my computer.

And you still run into the problem? How are you creating your report?

Yes, when i am in BAQ Designer and I go tto Actions–>Design SSRS it give me the error I posted. AS of now, I am not creating anything really. Had a bad report issue about amonth ago that @aidacra helped with and since then I ahve not been able to create an SSRS. So something is off.

Hi William,

I am trying to replicate the issue, but I don’t see this Design SSRS menu (I’ve double-checked into 10.2.200, same thing).

Me neither… I think is the latest one? Hard to keep track when you are a SaaS customer haha

@Alexandre_Pothier and @Mario.Cortes I am still on the old 10.1.400.19. I have 10.2.200 in my test and it is not there. I was told the fix could be in that something is corrupt in the SQL server for SSRS and a patch would fix the issue. So i will be trying that soon.

Did you ever find the Design SSRS function in 10.2? I am doing upgrade testing and I can’t find this either now.

Are you trying to created a BAQ Report?

Yes. I have a BAQ I want to make a report out of. The BAQ Report Desinger doesn’t ahve the Design SSRS report under actions.

I could be doing it old-school, back how I learned to do it when BAQ Reports were “new” and only supported Crystal. (insert old-man joke here) My process is I enter the into into the Detail tab of BAQ Report Designer then Actions - Test Report Form and do a print preview. This makes a blank report then previews it on screen. Then I use my browser to connect to the SSRS Server and drill down into the Custom Reports folder and edit the report.

Have you tried “Download SSRS Report”? I haven’t but could be faster than my above way.

So, once I create it in the BAQ reports, and test report, it will be in the Custom Reports folder, correct?

FWIW - I never had luck setting those options / parameters in the BAQ Report window.

I would (and still do) just copy the files and launch the programs I need, all manually.

Works for me, I checked the help file and there is a walk-through search “Design a BAQ Report Layout in SQL Server Report Builder”

@ckrusen, I just use the Detail tab I’ve never had to use the filters or sorts tabs as that’s done in the BAQ or report. Our BAQReports are typically for auto-email reports ran overnight, so no need for the features of those tabs.

Well, once i can get Help to deploy, I will look that up! Right now, its being a pain!

I was referring to Designer’s options, not the specific report’s options.

I.E. these -

So I don’t use any of these


Using “Design SSRS Report” yields:


And mine looks like this and I have no “Design SSRS Report”

Ah, understood and I’ve not used them either. We’re on 10.2 and don’t even have “Design SSRS Report” option, I believe it’s replaced with “Download SSRS Report” there is also a 'Upload SSRS Report" as that is what is place on the menu.

If the Download/Upload will also get the report’s sub-reports that’d be so much easier than using the one-at-a-time browser method.

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Depends what your Compnay Maint is setup as. Ours is both CR and SSRS


FWIW we’re on 10.1.400.23