EVA - Epicor Virtual Assistant - Anyone testing this?

I setup EVA to test and I’ve been unable to connect.
I can get to Rest Services from the outside IP setup for testing.
Running 10.2.400.10
Are there any additional ports other than 443 required inbound or outbound.
Epicor has been less than helpful with this.

I can’t remember exactly but there is something that they have to opt you into. Maybe contact your CAM? We tried it and it lacked a lot of polish (things like improperly formatted numbers and dates) that made it pretty hard to use. We decided to shelve it and take another run some day.

Hi Chris - Sorry you are having issues with getting to the right team in support. One of my team has just been alerted to this and should be reaching out if you can let me know the ticket number I can provide that to them which will help verify your connectivity issues.
Out of interest in the EVA app are you able to authenticate and does your user have EVA enabled in the ERP User security settings?

Hi Joshua - re your comments on the formatting for dates and numbers - did you raise this as a ticket or can you share the examples and we can get that scenario reviewed. Thanks

Case CS0001664984 - Scott Balmer just took over the case late yesterday

We haven’t looked at it since Insights, I assumed infancy and moved on from it for the time being. Figured my curiosity would peek and I’d come back to it, but trials ended in August so now I’m just SOL lol

Got it to work. We had to setup a FQDN for it to connect to, not just an IP address.

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I’ve been playing around with it. It’s pretty cool. I can definitely see it being beneficial for folks in the field to check stock, look up invoices , etc.

It’d be nice if there was a document letting you know everything you can say (or type). I haven’t found one yet.

Not trying to be snarky - have you asked EVA for help? :wink:

She’ll tell you what she knows. I wish I could do that with Alexa sometimes…

Yep. I’ve asked for help , but it doesn’t list all of the commands you can verbalize or type.
I found an Epicor video with examples: Using EVA to Enter a Sales Order - Epicor ERP Knowledge On Demand

I was able to get some of the commands from the video based on their demo.

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Odd. Hmm… Asking some questions internally…


The Talk to EVA card has all the spoken commands. Talk to EVA for Epicor ERP10.pdf (170.2 KB)

Also please watch the EVA presentation in our recent Virtual Summit. There is all kinds of information for using EVA and reporting problems in the second half of the presentation. Customers can access the virtual summit now through November 22, 2019 using this link:
[https://onlinexperiences.com/scripts/Server.nxp?LASCmd=AI:4;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=DC0F1B34-8EED-4EC2-B06F-2F103CE50BC0&GroupID=CustomerReg.] You have access to the 12 sessions and countless content at your convenience.

Also attached Epicor-ERP-EVA-Virtual-Agent-Intro-VI-ENS.pdf (107.7 KB) is another, different video you can watch.

Let me know if you have questions



That was a big help. Thanks!

Periodically I’m receiving messages stating “I’m sorry Tommy. I’m not able to help you at the moment.”
It happens when issuing all commands, and eventually clears up. Is this a connectivity issue?

I have has the same issue and just opened a case with Epicor for this…
CS0001686155 is the case number.

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Chris, thank you for opening a case. Tommy, I also think you should open a case, if you could. Please make sure when you open the case you enter “Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)” under Category and “Technical” under “Select the Specific Installed Asset/Module (If Appropriate)”. Thanks!

Also, enter **Support at the EVA prompt to save and capture the ID of the conversation to give to Tech Support. Thanks!

@jgiese.wci we extended the trial through Dec. 31, 2019 with no commitments when the trial ends.

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When I get that error support will not generate an ID for this error.


Chris Wineinger

Cool deal didn’t know that. We’ll take another gander after 500 drops see what’s changed.

Thank you @jgiese.wci we look forward to your feedback.