Exporting Index Statements out of V8 Data admin console for setup in SQL Server

Does anyone know if it is possible to “interpret” the progress index values from a Vantage 8 Progress Database and then transfer / translate them into Microsoft SQL Server? I’ve been successful in transferring my Vantage database from Progress into SQL Server - but I noticed that there are no indexes on any of my “Vantage” Sql Tables. I’m thinking that performance would be much better if tables (especially large ones) had indexes on them once they were in SQL Server and referenced via an external BAQ Query.

Any ideas?? Anyone been successful in this?
Thank you,
Jeff Henslee
M-B Companies Inc.

If one were to install V803 SQL, they would find a .sql file in mfgsys803\db\newdb that allows ones to create a new empty Vantage/Vista 8.03 SQL database.

If that person were to go to line 140089 in that .sql file and copy everything to (and including) line 230051, one could create all of the standard Epicor indexes against a database that has the same schema as a standard Epicor Vantage 8.03 database.

I’ll send you the mfgsys803.sql in a message shortly.

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