Import V8 tables from Progress DB into a SQL DB

We Switched over from Vista 8 to E10 Last November, and are looking to copy all the V8 tables to a SQL db. This is just so we can down the server that was hosting V8, while still having access to the data.

I’m not looking to run V8. Any data people would need would come from SQL queries of our “V8_Archive” db.

The V8 DB (8.03.409C) was Progress OpenEdge 10.1B.

I saw some article from Progress about setting up an connection (ODBC?) between the SQL server and the one hosting the OE10.1B db, and having a process that automatically creates the SQL tables and imports the data from OE. But many of the screens shots and instructions didn’t match up with what I saw in my version of the PET.

Has anyone done this?

Are there utilities I need from Epicor or Progress that didn’t come with V8?

I have set up ODBC/Progess as a linked server & then external BAQs in Epicor.
I believe I had to use a separate, intermediate SQL Express server to get around issues related 32-BIT and 64-BIT. Since the ODBC driver that came with V8 was 32-bit and my main SQL server was 64-bit. Once I had them talking, worked OK except… in E9 there was a hard-coded timeout for external queries. Not sure if that has ben fixed in E10.

Will look & post my notes if I can find them…

I have heard customers doing the same - ODBC and External BAQs. Have not heard specifics on results or what their experiences were. I have seen some interesting ‘parallel’ versions running with external BAQs across versions as well.

Customers always amaze me which is why I lurk here to learn :wink:

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I believe the 32-bit / 64-bit issue was what tripped me up when I last tried it.

Linked server…etc…
32 bit vs 64 bit
Have you already looked at setting up an External DataSource in E10?
I’m thinking this might be the easiest route (depending on servers/databases and what your users want).

Reference generic instructions in the ICE Tools Guide - these mention 32/64 bit issues too.

I already had the ODBC DSN for E9 set up on my server, so once I set up/enabled the external datasource, building a simple external BAQs to E9/ODBC went pretty fast. Of course, there are all kinds of options for filtering/security you might want to explore before a final deployment.

But our IT wants to down the V8 server, so I need to move the data to the SQL server. Once all the tables from the Progress OE db are in SQL, I’ll set up the external BAQs.

Getting the data from the OE db to a SQL db is my problem.

OK, I see what you are saying now.
When I’ve taken down old servers, I’ve just moved everything to a new server or vm.

If I wanted an old V8 Progress db converted to SQL, I think I might just perform an E10 updgrade of it on a test system. Then backup/restore the SQL db to it’s final home.
Kind of a roundabout way to get there but I don’t see why that wouldn’t work?

Or use the SQL Import/Export wizard and create an SSIS package. I am about to do this with our existing Non-Epicor system that runs on Progress 11.

I have done some sample tests and looking most fields are coming accross except for dates, which I am needing to alter the mappings, the data type in the progress db shows 23. This appears to be a known limitation. Changing to Datetime or Datetime2 works, but that is going to be a bit of a pain.