Extended Properties Maintenance

Has anyone had to extended the properties on the sales order number field in E10. I go to maintenance of extended properties and the field for the sales order number is grayed out and restricts us to 6 and our old system order that we need to load over are at 7 currently

Epicor support is leading me to believe this can not be done without a customization is that true

Yes, we did.

No customization is required

You have to do it for table XaSyst, field StartOrderNum



Thank you this work great. I am surprised Epicor support said it couldn’t be done

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@ckrusen I’m trying to update the Format of one of the extended properties in job entry.
But it is not getting updated while entering.

See in field help it is showing upto 8 decimal digits but i’m getting only 2 decimals in the field.
How do i solve that?


I think the format shown in the field’s technical help, is what the field’s default display is - as far as the DB is concerned. It looks like you’re on Kinetic, so the following might not help…

If it was the Classic or Modern shell, You could create a customization, and use the Ext Properties wizard to alter the format used by this particular form.

That field appears to be bound to a DB table, so it shouldn’t be an issue with the data get truncated before reaching the form. If it was not bound to a DB table (the DB Field value shows as blank) then that would nea that the source of the data is not directly from the DB. In that case I would do a trace to see if the data passed to the form has the resolution clipped before it even gets to you. But again, this isn’t your case.

Thanks for the reply.

But is it possible that this changes might corrupt my previous data?

In your screen shot above, it shows that the data is stored in the DB as type decimal, and that the default format to display is “>>>9.99999999” (at most 4 digits to the left of the decimal point, but at least one & 8 digits to the right of the decimal point).

If you look at the help info for the “Qty/Parent” field, does it show a similar format?

And just out of curiosity, is the Job qty for 1 million of the finished item? Otherwise, not sure how something that takes 0.00000010 per parent ends up requiring 0.01 in total.

And does the Assembly really only need 1/10,000,000th of the child item? Are you trying to count kg’s used during an electroplating process?