Kinetic Field Help

I need some help to find the field help option which seems to have gone awol. (I am in the Part Master)

This may be a bit clunky, but you could open the form in app studio and see what it’s data binding is.

Hi there,
It is not gone, it is on the help icon.


Do you know what happened to the Field Level Help section as what is displaying in the new Field Help is the Technical Details? There used to be two different options under field help - Field Level Help and Technical Details. Field Level Help in some cases gave much more information than the technical details description.

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I’m looking for the same thing. Anyone know where to find it?

Did anyone work this out? It seems like a huge step backwards to only be able to see the technical details, not the end user focused information. There is so much useful information that has been put into the field help that surely we should be able to see!

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Have you called support? It seems like someone in this forum would have chimed in by now.

I am curious to the answer as well.

@timshuwy do you know?

I brought this up with the Epicor Learning Center team at the virtual summit last week, and they are aware of it. Hopefully it’s something we get back in a future version, but it won’t be for 2021.2. The more folks that bring it up, the faster it’ll get implemented. This one seems like a no brainer, though… It’s shocking how many features were lost with the move to Kinetic UI (but they are slowly adding them back).


Well, I’ve logged a support ticket.