Field Service Call cannot be setup for different ship to num from pack id

We are wanting to use warranty and service contracts. We more than not ship our products to a customer ship to location vs the primary ship to location. I am now running into an issue where I can’t setup a Field Service Call and reference a specific serial number and pack id/line that was shipped to a different ship to number than what was listed on the pack id.

I am questioning why Epicor will not allow a different ship to number when the customer id is the same for the field service call. Have anyone else ran into this issue and have you found a workaround for it.

I will open a ticket with support as well, just figured I could ask the question here.

Just checking, but could it be the last part? That the warranty does not cover on site service?

No it doesn’t matter on the warranty code in this case. I get the same message just with having a different ship to number.

It seems like a restriction that won’t cover any of us that drop ship or have a dealer network with multiple ship to locations.

That’s interesting. At one of my old jobs, I came up with this convoluted Sold To/Bill To/Ship To because all 3 could be different on 1 order. We used Field Service and Contracts and did not run into this.

I guess for me it belongs to the customer so do we care which ship to location it went to when we setup the field service call?

Could it have something to do with territories? Do you have customers with the multiple ship tos but different sales people?

I believe you can you just change the ship to number on the serial number to match the ship to number you are trying to ship to. We run into this all the time although our issue is keeping the service contract, service call, and serial number customer and ship to in sync. The only time the ship to can be different for us is if the service contract has a blank ship to.

@tanner- I suppose we can do that, however it seems like a very un-necessary step for someone to do each time a FSCall is setup. I’ll have to look for a way to automate it so it just happens for the user.

I am still curious as to why Epicor feels this logic is needed to where the serial number has to match down to the ship to number.

Thank you.