Filter not as expected

Hi All, I have added a EpiCombo box to the Subcontractor Shipment Entry screen to grab a contact from the subcontractor Purchase point. Everything is working as expected with one exception. If I have a PP selected then the combo only lists the contacts for that PP. However if there is no PP selected the combo is returning all contacts from all PP as well as the main subcontractor. I was expecting to only see contacts from the Supplier and none of the purchase point. Am I missing something in the filter?

Also to add to the mystery, if I type a blank space in the PP field it then filters as I would expect .

Change the second filter line to
PurPoint = ‘’

This will limit the contacts to just the top level contacts.

All contacts technically have a purpoint value. Contacts attached to the main supplier record have a purpoint value of blank or ‘’

Hi @zwilli526 , I did try this however this now prevents the list of PP contacts from displaying if one is selected, I only see the Supplier contacts.