Forecast Entry Import - forecast for global parts are not cleared and reloaded

We found out the hard way this week that existing forecasts are NOT deleted and reloaded if you are using Global Parts.

We started seeing our forecast loads doubling for some parts and not others it was discovered when selecting Clear and Reload option in Forecast Import Entry existing forecasts for parts marked global are not deleted.

Anyone know why this would be? How can we as multi company possibly try to take advantage of the Global Part process between our companies if we are not able to delete existing forecasts when we import a new one? Am I missing something?

Kristine Fierce
Business Systems Analyst
Ag Leader Technology


We are seeing this too. Did you manage to get a solution?



We have got a temporary fix by importing the forecast as zero. Then importing the correct forecast.

Temporarily yes you can import a zero forecast. We ran into this and other issue with global parts that currently prevents us from using them. We need to be able to sync UD fields between companies as well.

If there are more users seeing this issue then we can bring it to Epicor’s attention to work on a fix as it does not seem to me that it is coded correctly that you can’t update forecast like this on global parts.

What version are you using?


I have raised a call with epicor so we could push it through that way. we are on 10.1.500.8, which version are you on? Is the UD fields the other issue or is there another one?

Apparently next year epicor will be releasing fixes for the multi-company issues.

When we tested the global process to sync parts from company A to company B we were not able to sync all the fields we wanted to sync due to the UD fields. At that point we pretty much stopped the testing and are now trying to create our own process to automatically create and sync part info between the two companies.

Secondly is the issue that we can’t update forecast correctly in company A when parts are marked global. That again is a show stopper for us to use global parts.

We were on 10.1.600.8 when this was tested. We have updated to - we have not done any further testing of the issue in 10.2.200

Happy to hear Epicor has multi company updates on the road map. Another thing for me would be to have the option to have separate menu structure by company. It is cumbersome to work through security for multiple companies today.


Totally agree with the security side of things. Just out of interest how did the upgrade go, have you got any pointers?

Epicor have advised to use add and replace on the forecast import, but not tested yet.