Former Employees

Is there any way to hide former employees from being shown in various parts of Epicor? IE: Menu Maintenance. We have 747 Inactive/Terminated Employees (compared to the 170 active ones) which makes going through the list quite time consuming. Or am I just going to have to live with it?

Try custom searches for those search dialog boxes. A simple ‘active’ only employee listing could be applied in a number of places. Still a few extra click when searching, but it will hide all those other inactive folks from the list.


What @MikeGross said. Also, we add a lower case “z” in front of the name so they sort to the bottom.


Alternate that I use for a lot of different areas of Epicor where we want to weed things out (ex. parts, resources, employees, buyers, sales reps etc)

  1. Add UDField to EmpBasic “Remove_c”
  2. Create pre-proc on EmpBasic.GetList and EmpBasic.GetListForTE modifying the whereClause. I usually have managers security groups that these filters don’t apply to so they can still access what are effectively archive records.
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(whereClause))
    whereClause = "(Remove_c = 0)";
    whereClause = "(Remove_c = 0) " + ((whereClause.StartsWith(" BY")) ? whereClause : "AND " + whereClause);
  1. Profit

P.S. @Epicor transaction records have to remain in the system, but a built in means of garbage collection for searches, a soft remove you might say, would be a plus :slight_smile:


Dropdown boxes have a property called “EpiFilters” which allows you to add filters to the control. For example, I’ve got a filter on all bank account dropdowns that’s simply “Closed=False” so that closed accounts don’t show up anymore. A box bound to emp data could be filtered by ‘EmpStatus=“A”’ or there about.

Listboxes, like the ones in Menu Maintenance don’t seem to have this property. So you’d be looking at removing all the stock controls and replacing them with custom ones. Downside: it’s a customization. Upside: you don’t have to have people corrupt the names merely to shove them to the bottom of a list.


Good one @jgiese.wci - never thought of doing it that way.

And @jtownsend - yep that would work for any fields on forms for sure. Have you seen what Epicor is doing with BAQs for CRM and Infoworker? everything starts with a ‘z’… :slight_smile: Even Epicor is guilty of this inside the system.

There are so many places that items become inactive…Without a way to tell ALL of the DDLB/LB/Search forms to ignore inactive items (even just a checkbox on the form) folks need a way to change the list. This to me, like @jgiese.wci eluded to, is a shortcoming of the core system and Epicor should address it properly. If we can make a thing inactive, then we should be able to filter it from the list without custom code. It should be something like a config option, but definitely user’s choice… Then all of our workarounds would be unnecessary.

Who wants to add it to the ‘features’ thread?

Or, as @jgiese.wci said, you can do the same thing in GetList and have it happen to all dropdowns automatically.

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