GL Transaction Type Broken in Conversion, How to Fix?

In our E10 (currently on 10.2.200) upgrade we wound up with a couple of GL Transaction Types which are broken with “conversion errors”.

When I run the Conversion “Import GL Transaction Types” (in 10.2.200 this is #540), the log shows two transaction types (AP Invoice and COSAndWIP) for which “There is no Active or Pending Revision to update. Transaction Type is not converted.” This causes errors when we try to do various things in Epicor.

In Book Maintenance I loaded the main (only) book and went to the Posting -> Conversion tab; under “Standard” I found a package segment “Chart” that was mapped to target segment “Unknown” so I changed it to “Not Used”. Then I discovered that packages “China” and “Columbia” also had a package segment mapped to “Unknown” so they were changed to “Not Used” also. I saved, and re-ran the conversion, but this did not fix the problem.

When I try to change the Status of the Transaction Type from “Blocked” to “Active” I get the message: “Activation process warning. The revision can not be activated. Version of the document structure does not match the version of code.” and the status does not change.

We are having the same issue. Did you ever get a resolution?

Yeah, but I’ll have to find/dig out my notes…

You should be able to import the standard rule in GL transaction types. If it is customized then you would need to update the revision with the custom posting rules then make it active.

Yeah, that sounds like what I did. I don’t recall any of the details now. :grinning: