Global Alert - Alert on Shipment - Enhancement IDEA. 729553PSC

Create a Packing Slip. (Not CHECKED as "Ready for Invoice")
Parts sit on dock with Packing Slip & BOL waiting for pickup.
After parts are picked up and FREIGHT NUMBER is assigned. (Could be next
Fill in freight number in Vantage, CHECK "Ready for Invoice", global alert
on shipment is sent.
Enhancement: add web tracking PREFIX FIELD and SUFFIX field to SHIPVIA
Enhancement: global alert would include STRING of PREFIX + Freight Bill +

Customer could then read my global alert data also click on hypertext taking
them to the Carriers tracking site for this shipment.

Issues: may need to separate the email alerts from the "READY for INVOICE"
check box. Don't want to see accounting have a cow.

Vantage Call Number: 729553PSC (If you would like to attach your name to
this enhancement.)

Patrick J. Winter
Information Technology Manager
sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
Vantage 5.00.338, Progress 9.1a