Global Scheduling Investigation - How did it get run?

Hello EpiGurus,

I’m trying to figure out how the “Calculate Global Scheduling Order” and the “Global Scheduling” processes could get run without showing on the SysTask table.

My user account apparently ran both of those processes on 6/22 according to the modules’ “Last Run” info, but there is no sign of it anywhere on the System Monitor’s SysTask table. I definitely didn’t run it manually, and I don’t remember ever setting anything up to call those processes automagically. We don’t use really use the scheduling modules outside some manual entry.

MRP runs every night on a schedule, and we don’t have finite scheduling checked. I checked a backup before this happened, and those 2 scheduling processes hadn’t been run since 2020.

Any ideas on where I could look?

Little late on this one, but worth the history I think.

I’ve noticed it will show your user login, regardless of who actually ran it.

I had another user run our weekly schedule, and he’d never done it before. When that screen popped up it showed his user name and the last time I had run calc global scheduling. I tested it again the following week, and sure enough, listed my name and the date he ran it.

My guess is someone randomly ran it.