Help setting up mobile CRM

First post here!
Looking to set up the Epicor Mobile CRM and cannot find any decent documentation on setting this up. We have Epicor set up locally on a server, not in the cloud. I found some documentation stating I need an SSL and adding code to point to the right Epicor Licenses, not much else on this. Can anyone give me some info on how to get started??

Did you ever receive any info for this?

There’s install instructions in EpicWeb.
You’ll need to have your Epicor REST in the WAN or a VPN of some sort to access it on the go.

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you don’t need an additional license, windows authentication/single sign on is not yet working. your ssl certificate needs to be trusted by your phone also… mobile crm is connecting to the rest interface. no ‘special’ setup required. in the appserver i needed to add within the appsetttings,