Home Screen BAQ with Parameters


I’m trying to run a BAQ with parameters from the Epicor Home Screen using the BAQ widget.

After refreshing the query, I cannot see a prompt to enter in parameters and the query does not return any records.

Are the Home Screens not capable to run these types of queries?

I can’t speak if it’s possible… but what kind of parameter are we talking? For instance, you might be able to get creative and use User IDs, relative dates and times, or any of the other Epicor special constants.

@bbrown It’s not clear what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you mean to set up a dashboard containing a BAQ with parameters?

So, a request was made to be report the total number of orders submitted each month and year. As well as a breakdown of orders processed by users of their team.

I built the BAQ with a Year and Order Type parameter, pictured below.

Epiusers Home Screen BAQ

The requester would like to continue to run this BAQ in the future. So, I figured adding the query to the users home screen via the BAQ Widget would be a good option. Rather than building a dashboard.

However, the BAQ will not run on the home screen. My assumption is that the parameters are causing the issue. But I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has run into this issue.

Maybe your version of Epicor differs from mine, but what do you mean by BAQ Widget?

Hey Matthew,

I believe this is available in Epicor ERP 10. Here is the link to the Epicor training videos on adding widgets.

I’ve also attached a screenshot of editing the Home Screen with a BAQ Widget.