Home Screen when Copying between Environments

Hi All,

Appreciate help on this. We are currently in testing but when we copy our main environment down to our test environment our users lose their home page and settings, is there any way to maintain these settings, where are they stored and how do we copy them over ?

Is this something that can be done in solution workbench ?

Thanks in Advance

If you copy the whole database from one environment to another the shortcuts or favorites they’ve added on their home page should carry over. Do you mean they are losing the setting that specifies which home page they get (i.e. kinetic or shell)? If so, that is in the config file for each environment.

Yes, they are not carrying over, each time they lose their homepage. Do you know whereabouts I can find the config file ?

What do you mean by lose their home page, exactly?

They make changes to this page, changing the layout, adding items etc, when we copy down environments, its back to the standard screen.

That’s odd, I just copied our live to pilot yesterday and my home page remained intact. Who is performing the database restore? Are they forcing the layout for everyone or something like that?

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Not that we know of, we copy down with a script, will get that checked.

Supplemental to this, can the home page enviuronment be copied between users?