Honeywell Dolphin CN80 Hand Held Scanner - Losing Scanned Digits

Scanning into Stock to Stock Transfer…haven’t tested other screens, but Warehouse is seeing it in other Epicor screens/programs. My test resulted in a little more than a 1/20 error/scan ratio.

When scanning quantities that have consecutive identical digits (ie. 11, 22, 333, 144, 551, etc.) the scan will occasionally drop one of the duplicate digits (ie. 1, 2, 33, 14, 51, etc.).

Has anyone seen this? Or have any ideas?

Are you using the Epicor RDP App or Epicor Mobile Warehouse? Is it just a Code39 barcode?

Can you launch a notepad app on the device and see if scanning into a different app works, if it still does the same - see if messing with the ScanWedge / DataWedge settings can help.

I have not seen it.

I’ve seen something similar with a keyboard when using an RDC connection. For whatever reason, when I type 33 by tapping the 3 (on the keypad) twice and real fast, it only goes in as a single 3.

check to see if the scanner has a setting to slow the “typing rate”

We are using an RDP.
It is a standard Code39 barcode.
We are not using Mobile Warehouse.

I have not tried to scan into another app.

I will investigate the scanner settings and try scanning into another app to see if issue replicates.