How can we stop job over receipts

We are an electronics manufacturer and are experiencing a problem with
receipts from manufacturing. In our business, we are often running multiple
"jobs" for the identical item in production. (Essentially these are releases
for a thousand units of the same item and are all built to stock.) The
problem occurs at receipt from manufacturing as we are finishing job "A".
Unless the shop person is extremely careful, it is very easy to over-receive
against job "A" when, in reality, a portion of the unit should be received
to complete job "A" and the remainder should be received against job "B".
The receive from manufacturing screen does not indicate how many units are
still "open" on the job and, in our case, the units from job "A" are
identical to those from job "B". Is there a way to cause Vantage to warn the
operator when the quantity to be received from manufacturing exceeds the job

H. Dale Puls
Pacesetter Electronics

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