How do I correct posted Time and Expense Labor Entries?

Pulled a help topic from the users guide on Correcting Timecard Entries and it says I can enter a new timecard for an employee and adjust the hours and or quantities recorded. My system’s not letting me do this. Can anyone tell me how to make corrections after capture?

There is a module called Time and Expense Entry. You can adjust time there if they clock in/out early or late.

Hi Chaddb,

That’s the module I’m referring to. After Capture it locks the entries. When I try to follow a help topic on correcting Timecards, it won’t let me enter negative hours or quantities.

I missed the Posted part. I’m not sure the best way to adjust them after they are posted. Someone else will know I’m sure.

I have been able to enter negative hours but EVERYTHING has to be EXACTLY the same: Job, Oper, Indirect Code, Resource, RG, … Absolutely everything or it will not accept it. In my case it was Project labor and manufacturing jobs may be different. In which case, your only option might be Job Adjustment.

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I’ll try again. Thank you!

I was going to say that you probably need to use Job Adjustment. That is what I use to correct entries once the WIP Capture has been posted.