How do I execute a method when line is changed


Hello I am trying to find a method that is executed when you select on one of these lines. I tried epimessagebox with no luck, only update is ran and I can’t execute my method on update because it ends up in a infinite loop. Could I please get some insight on how I am suppose to do this?

What are you hoping to accomplish? Are you using a BPM or Customization?

I am using a customization, and i’m trying to set the record again with the current selected line via a method when the line has been changed.

or even how would I trigger a method after adapter method? The tracing shows the adapter method but the messagebox however does not.

Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding. Do you want to set a different active record after saving?

I hope this will help you understand what I mean.

When I change the record on the left side ValidateGLBook() is called, so I was trying to find a way I can trigger my own method after ValidateGLBook() was called.

Did you try the wizard to create the AfterAdapter Method?

I did but this method isn’t called with this:

Using the epimessagebox with args.method name it never shows this method

Then you may need to use EpiViewNotification and check the Row value or the EpiDataView to see if it changes.

Would you be able to give me insight on how I would use it? I’ve tried storing currentview and checking to see if new view matched old current view but nothing so far.

You will have to store the value as a script level variable to store the current row (something like edvBudget.Row). Then when that value changes, run your code.