How do I get the Ship To address from the Packing Slip into a BAQ

Okay, I’m trying to create a tracker to list the packing slip addresses for a specific day. Where does the data live to add that to a BAQ?

I know I could pull in the customer tables to get it but, we’re e-commerce. The generic “guest” customers are not ERP customers, so I don’t have that information.

Any ideas on how to do this?

@jbryant I would start by looking at the OrderRel shiptonum for “normal” addresses to link back to the customer and the OTS One Time Ship fields for the generic to see if that matches up to what you want.

Thanks @gpayne ,
Ironically, sometimes you have to say something out loud. After putting this up, I had the same idea. Sometimes you just need someone to give you a little push.

Greatly appreciate the quick response!