How do I mass set report styles uploaded to cloud to valid?


I am working on moving from on premise to cloud and I have found that if you install the report styles through solution workbench to the cloud, the valid checkbox is not checked for any of them.

I have multiple companies and multiple report styles so doing this manually is going to take forever.

Is there a better way to get them all checked valid?

Any help is appreciated!

Probably do an updateable BAQ and possibly a dashboard.

I can do that but not sure what table/field controls that?

I look at field help and this is all it says

Any ideas?

Run a BAQ on report styles and let me know what the

CompanyList field looks like.

Should have your company id in there, and if multiple, tilde separated:

ABC1234 or ABC1234~CBA4321

Now that you point that out, I can see it.

The Table.Field: Ice.ReportStyle.CompanyList does show the current valid Companies separated by the Tilde (~).

Now that I found that, how do I set the default per company?

Not sure. Did populating that field now show the report styles as valid?


I do see that table (Ice.ReportDefaultStyle) in my on premise database but it doesn’t seem to show in the BAQ as a table, that I see.

Can you see it in a BAQ?

No, it’s not listed in the BAQ editor.

There is an endpoint in the REST API that looks like it could be used.


Data Payload

  "ReportID": "string",
  "StyleNum": 0,
  "Company": "string",
  "ValidStyle": true,
  "IsDefault": true,
  "CompanyName": "string",
  "SysRowID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
  "RowMod": "string"