How do I use customization to filter a dashboard dataview using a checkbox?


I created a dashboard with multiple columns. One of the columns that is boolean.

I want to be able to add a checkbox on the screen to control what rows are show comparing to the boolean column.

I feel like it should be something easy but it is escaping me right now.

Any ideas?



Hi Shawn, this is usually done by adding a “Tracker View” to the dashboard. In dashboard maintenance right click the query and you should see “add tracker view”. It could also be done in a customization layer, but there is rarely a need for that.

I have done it with the tracker before but I am not a fan of it.

If I do a customization after creating the checkbox in the tracker, it will not let me reposition it in the customization.

I have tried a few times but it always goes back to the position it was in when the dashboard was deployed.

So I would rather try it through a customization if possible unless you know a way to reposition in the customization.

Hi Shawn,
If you customize Tracker View by Right Click >> Customize Tracker View, then you will not be able to re-order the tracker controls using the up & down arrows in tracker Properties dialog.

But you still can reposition the controls on Tracker View customization.

I’ve tried the following on Epicor 10, and it worked:

  • Right click the Tracker View then choose “Customize Tracker View”.
  • Reposition the controls.
  • Save, on customization dialog.
  • Save, on dashboard screen.
  • Deploy.

Note that you need to re-deploy the dashboard every time you make new changes.

If this didn’t work, then try any of the following:

  • Clear Client Cache.
  • Re-create the Tracker View.
  • Make a copy of the dashboard with new name.

Hope this helps.

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