How do you tell what user is on what App Server?

We are on 10.2.500 and cannot figure out how to see what users are on what App Server. When we look at the EAC on each App Server, they appear identical. I have read on here that there is a BAQ you can create to get this info, but I cannot find what table this data is in. Does anyone have this BAQ and is willing to share it?

Do you have multiple App Servers for a single company? Or are you trying to see who’s in Test vs. Production?

On the classic screens, you can do Edit | Options and click the Global Options tab:


You can display the Server, among other items, at the bottom of every classic screen.

We have multiple app servers for a single company. I am aware of the bottom right of the screen that can tell you what app server you are on, but I do not want to go around and touch every machine to see what app server they are on.

I adjust my client folder’s sysconfig file to change servers. Is it possible to create some program to crawl each user’s directory looking for the “AppServerURL value=”?

    <!-- Enter the URL of your appserver. Format is "https://serverName/SiteName/ -->
    <AppServerURL value="<AppServerHere>" />

PowerShell can help you here since .sysconfig files are XML.

Found this too:

Here is basically the same thread from 2019.

Consensus is, there is really no way to know other that to populate it yourself.

I believe the great @josecgomez suggested he used a baq widget on the home screen to
push that data somewhere so it could be queried via BAQ.

if @josecgomez could share that BAQ, that would be really helpful.

WhichServer.baq (27.0 KB)



I tried importing this and got an error I have never seen.

Can’t import query definition from version latter than current:
Query import finished with error(s)

You are in an older version of Epicor sorry not much I can do about that. It is just a simple UserFile Lookup for current user which returns a “blank” Calculated field which gets populated in an Advanced BPM (UBAQ) GetList post processing as follows

foreach(var x in result.Results)
    x.Calculated_Server = Environment.MachineName;

Note that if you are in a loadblancer and your version of Epicor is using REST (>=2022.x>) this won’t work as well since the load balancer depending on how is setup may do round robbing on requests which means that the BAQ could run on AppServer1 while the next request runs on AppServer2

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