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Good afternoon everyone

We have the appserver configured with single sign on but we have acquired epicor mobile warehouse and this can only be configured in UsernameWindowsChannel. Can I create another appserver that points to the same database but is configured for epicor mobile warehouse ???

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Sure thing!

Yes. DocStar integration also requires non SSO environment.

yes, I did this for ours. Happy to get on a quick call if you want to chat.

The only thing that slightly departed from the technical reference was that it recommended not sharing a database but in this case you have to, and I got CORS errors that I had to research. Turned out to be an IIS conflict where there was an anonymous permission conflicting with token authentication, if I remember right.

EMW is great.

I’d rather be setting up another App Server than having to setup a RDS server :slight_smile:


And while SharePoint does do SSO, The Epicor integration only uses the username/password authentication.

Epicor handheld jab? That application was so useless, even with its own RDS server.

Using Windows for E10 and UsernameWindowsChannel for EMW has been very seamless for us.

If you can go to https://<your server>/epicordev/TokenResource.svc/help
without generating an error, you should be able to connect. You can use that page to establish and ensure your connect and configuration is correct. Token authentication has to be enabled.

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I am having issue with calling BPM Functions from customisation in SSO environment in 10.2.600.6. It works fine in non SSO environment and also with login user id as the user, which runs application pool. It looks like non SSO works well compared to limitations in SSO environment…

Hey @Arul,

Just a complete shot in the dark here but I noticed a new field starting with 10.2.500 in User Account Security Maintenance called “Integration Account”. It prevents the password from expiring automatically and transfers the responsibility of password changes from Epicor to the local admin. Not sure that helps…


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@Mark_Wonsil Still both Access Scope and Integration Account is greyed in 10.2.600. We need to setup Access Scope for calling Rest API but I couldn’t find an option to link to the user. Access Scope is linked to BAQ, Services, Library and Functions. Logged a call with Epicor but yet to get a solution.

Interesting. I’m seeing the same. Could it be a SaaS only capability? I’ve added scope but never tied it to a user. :thinking: I’m interested in what Epicor says…

try on non-sm user

We were told they updated EMW to support Single Sign On.

Removing SM did open up Access Scope. I can see why one wouldn’t want to accidentally neuter the Security Manager.

Integration Account is still disabled. :thinking:

Thanks @Olga!

Integration Account

This read-only check box is automatically selected when an Access Scope is added to the User Account, which then becomes an Integration Account .


Thanks Olga. Yes, when access scope is attached.for non SM user, it automatically checked Integration Account. For accessing BPM Function from customisaton in SSO environment, do i need to hard code user Id and password for the integration account which got access to Access Scope?

@Mark_Wonsil Got a development fix from Epicor today for the issue with calling BPM Function from customisation in SSO environment and it works fine.


@Olga When I made an user account as integration account and logged in using that account, I got to know what that means. Nothing. It can access only what is available in Access Scope :blush:

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You can also have 2 Epicor application pools on the same server. Existing app pool configured for SSO and new one for NonSSO for use with Epicor Mobile Warehouse.


Excellent point Brad.

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