How production knows all open orders, due dates etc

We have a dashboard we created for production such that they can see all open orders, due dates, etc for planning purposes. The problem is it’s based on jobs, so orders without a job won’t show up. Before I look into modifying our fairly complicated query(12 tables) I wanted to reach out to see if a standard tool / report already exists we could use as I’d think this is a report / dashboard every company would need. How do other production departments keep track of open orders/jobs, due dates, etc.

WE also have a dashboard which is used by production planning and Shipping. We started with the BAQ used for the Sales Order Status Dashboard that comes with system and made changes to suit our needs. Over the years we made many changes, including summarizing by parts etc.

It looks like this now.

Vinay Kamboj

Hi @embedded,
there is a standard Dashboard you can use, to see all open orders releases (demand), due dates, etc and if there is any links to possible supply (Jobs, Stock, PO, etc)

Thanks! I used this BAQ as a starting point to build up what I needed.